Il Sodoma  (1477 – 1549)

Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, also known as Sodoma was an Italian artist of the Renaissance and a representative of the Sienese School of painting in the XV century.

There were many discussions and assumptions regarding the nickname “Sodoma.” There’s a theory that his family name was originally “Sodon” (sometimes he signed the paintings with it) and it was later transformed into “Sodoma.” However, this does not change much in the eccentric nature of the artist, who, judging by the descriptions of D. Vasari, gladly took the nickname “Sodoma” alluding to the sin of Sodom. And not only took, but also flaunted it in front of the public.

Sodoma led a carefree life, his eccentric nature did not allow him to work on his paintings too diligently, especially on still life sketches. In some memos we read that Sodoma’s way of thinking was “absurd and fickle, with signs of madness.”